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 ALLEYPONG is a modern and affordable game table set for all to play.  ALLEYPONG allows for lengthy, exciting rallys that bring the players together in friendly competition while using a ball and a paddle to play the game.  Our tables are handmade in Manchester, TN with an attention to quality/detail like no other.  Table tennis is one of the healthiest games you can play from a mental standpoint.  Considering the added variables to this groundbreaking game, ALLEYPONG  provides cognitively enhancing experiences shared with one another.   


Community #1

ALLEYPONG brings the community together in positive ways.  The more people can enjoy face to face time playing analog craft games such as ALLEYPONG, the better! 

Mobile entertainment

ALLEYPONG comes along for the ride.

ALLEYPONG will fit in most SUVs, vans, and, hatchbacks.  For use in your basement, backyard, tailgating, camping, or at your  friend's party.  Aside from being a great new game, it can also be used for serving food, playing cards and or board games.  The underside allows for storage of the 5 matte black metal legs (1 inch leveling feet for uneven surfaces), 3 wooden alley blocks, paddles, balls (not pictured), and a laminated rule sheet.


 Our 8ft by 3ft tables fold along a hinge and slide into a handmade 4ft by 3ft by 6 inch duck canvas travel/storage bag.  No tools necessary to set up; simply screw on the legs by hand and set the blocks in place by way of wooden dowels. 


Our logo completes each table.  Pictured with red grandis.  

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ALLEYPONG in action at the YMCA at Green Hills, Nashville, TN.  These teens enjoyed a game after school.

ALLEYPONG at the Green Hills YMCA in Nashville, TN

A great addition to your workout.

The benefits of ALLEYPONG are far reaching.  Your concentration, hand eye coordination, and focus, will improve simply by playing this great new game.  A whole body workout from head to toe will foster friendly competition between players and promote a healthy lifestyle.


The ALLEYPONG Experience

No net required



The "alley" consists of three hollow wooden blocks that are anchored across a 4 inch wide stripe in the middle of our unique custom tables. Shots travel over, through, or against the "alley". Shot possibilities are open to infinity and sharpen your hand eye coordination.

23 skidoo!

Enables fast and edgy scoring opportunities that are only available on an ALLEYPONG table.


ALLEYPONG enables fast and edgy scoring opportunities.  Players use traditional table tennis paddles and balls to rally back and forth. An "ALLEY" point occurs when the ball ricochets off one of the alley blocks or the 4 inch center line and the resulting player wins the rally, yielding two points. A "Tres-ALLEY" point occurs when the ball ricochets in between two alley blocks in a pinball fashion and the resulting player wins the point, yielding three points. The first player to reach 23 is the winner.

Tournament play

Patrick's in Louisville, KY, the first establishment to host an ALLEYPONG event.

ALLEYPONG is currently looking for establishments to facilitate tournament play.  Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level players will be encouraged to test their ALLEYPONG skills.      


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