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The ALLEYPONG Experience

Table tennis with a twist



ALLEYPONG may contain the name "pong" and use a ball and paddle to rally, but that is where the similarities end to traditional table tennis.  The object of this two player game is to keep the ball on the table while rallying back and forth, with multiple bounces welcomed during each player possession.  The rally is concluded when the ball falls on the ground.  The "alley" consists of three wooden blocks that are anchored across a 4 inch wide stripe in the center of the table.  Shots will travel flat across the table between the alley blocks, over top of the alley blocks, or against the alley blocks back to yourself prior to hitting it to your opponent.  

23 skidoo



 An "ALLEY" point occurs when the ball ricochets off one of the alley blocks or the alley line in the course of a rally, potentially yielding two points. A "Tres-ALLEY" point occurs when the ball ricochets in between two alley blocks in a pinball fashion, potentially yielding three points.  Players must win the rally to cash in on these respective "Alley points".  The first player to reach 23 is the winner.   

Storage made easy

ALLEYPONG comes along for the ride.


ALLEYPONG will fit in most SUVs, vans, and, hatchbacks.  Great for use in your basement, backyard, tailgate, camp out, or at a friend's house.   Aside from playing ALLEYPONG, our tables are multi functional and can be used for playing cards, puzzles, board games, or simply serving food.  The underside allows for storage of the 6 matte black metal legs (1 inch leveling feet for uneven surfaces), 3 wooden alley blocks, paddles, balls (not pictured), and a laminated rule sheet.


 Our 8ft by 3ft tables fold along a hinge and slide into a handmade 4ft by 3ft by 6 inch duck canvas travel/storage bag.  No tools necessary to set up; simply screw on the legs by hand and set the blocks in place by way of wooden dowels. 


Our ALLEYPONG branding iron completes each table.  Pictured with red grandis wood rails.  


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